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100% USDA Purchase Loans

Why Choose A USDA Home Loan?

Home loans offered by the USDA rural development program are some of the strongest mortgage programs available and backed by the United States Government. With incredibly low rates, owning far exceeds the cost of renting in most areas of the US today. 

USDA loans offer 100% no money down programs with over 97% of the US having eligible property area, you will want to choose USDA over FHA for many reasons.

One important reason being the lower mortgage insurance premiums, and another being FHA requires a down payment, whereas USDA does not.

By having us check your address eligibility on properties outside of major cities, you could find greater monthly savings by applying for USDA home buyer loans over other programs. However, if you are a United States Veteran, you will want to instead apply for a VA Loan which has 100% financing and no mortgage insurance.

Multiple Benefits To USDA Home Loans.

On October 1, 2016, the USDA lowered their up-front guarantee fee and their annual mortgage insurance fee due to better performance and demand for USDA loans.

  1. Zero Downpayment, true 100% financing for single-family, modular and manufactured homes on fixed foundations.

  2. Lower Mortgage Insurance, Premiums and costs are greatly reduced over those of FHA & Conventional Loans.

  3. Taxes and Insurance escrowed, everything is wrapped into one low monthly payment.

  4. Credit Scores Down To 600, less than perfect credit doesn’t have to stop you from qualifying.

  5. Lower Rates Than FHA, Conventional, & Private Mortgage Loans.

  6. Fixed 15, 20, & 30-year loan programs, this means no adjusting rates increasing your payments and catching you off guard.

Our process is quick and simple, we focus on the hard behind the scenes work, making the process as simple as coming to you for the closing. We never pass you off to assistants who know very little about you or your file. 1 banker, 1 loan = 1 successful closing! Apply For A USDA Home Loan Now.

USDA Lowers Mortgage Insurance Compared To FHA.

The USDA greatly reduced their upfront guarantee fee and their monthly mortgage insurance annual premium fee. Similar to an FHA Loan, the USDA has two types of mortgage insurance they require since they offer 100% financing, an upfront guarantee fee and a monthly fee.

The “upfront guarantee” is the fee added on top of the purchase or refinance amount. It is the USDA’s loan backing fee that allows lenders to issue loans according to its guidelines.

The upfront guarantee fee before the change was 2.75 percent of the loan amount, this was a substantial premium at the time. The “annual fee” was 0.50 percent, paid in twelve equal installments which is included in each monthly mortgage payment.

October 1, 2016, the USDA upfront fee has been updated.

  • Former upfront fee: 2.75%

  • New upfront fee: 1.00%

The USDA mortgage premium also has been lowered.

  • Former annual fee: 0.50%

  • New annual fee: 0.35%

The changes will be in effect from October 1, 2016, to September 30, 2017, when the USDA will review loan performance and adjust premiums again. However, once you lock in your premiums, you are locked in at these low rates.

Why You Should Apply With USDA Nationwide.

We have over 20 years experience in financing rural properties and for many of us a lifetime of growing up in the country. We’re passionate about what we do, so much, that we will take your calls 7 days a week if you require odd hours due to your schedule.

There may be times that we have to call you back due to another call, or being with our families, but with our direct cell phone, text messaging, and email, we use all technology to our advantage and yours.

We provide no point loans, we don’t advertise ridiculously low teaser rates for clients that only have an 850 credit score and a 50% loan balance like many others falsely advertising, we believe in not wasting your time or ours.

We explain the benefits and requirements of the USDA program up front, to make sure that you can qualify and obtain your dream home with little resistance and a smooth closing.

Call us to speak directly to our Top Rated National USDA Mortgage Lender, or, complete the form to your right. We’ll give you the most accurate information for your purchase and current USDA Loan Rates available to pre-qualify you instantly.


5 Star USDA Lender Reviews That WOW!

"Richie, OK... so you've officially done something I've never seen in 22+ years selling real estate. Closed a Loan on 224 Acres, with a Manufactured Home. CONGRATULATIONS! and THANK YOU!!! Admittedly, I was skeptical (more like pessimistic) when James told me you were going to get this Loan completed. And I had many doubts along the way, because I'd seen so many Lenders fall flat on their faces, just before the Closing. BUT... You got the Job DONE! Occasionally, I find someone out there who has done an Outstanding Job, helping my Clients... and You are one of these! I'm now officially a FAN of You and Your Work. I would be honored to promote you and your services to other Agents within our company, and I intend to do so. I will call you when I've caught up on my work a bit... and learn more about how I can do my job better on the next VA transaction." ~ Tom K. Licensed Realtor


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USDA Construction, Purchase, & Refinance Home Loans In All 50 States. Large Acreage & Manufactured Property Eligible.

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